Landowner unleashes pooches on elderly lady in Uch Sharif

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UCH SHARIF – A landowner in Uch Sharif unleashed his pooches on elderly lady on incitement of a female relative, which harmed the woman.

The old lady named Wassan Mai was going through the way that was before Nazeer Mai’s home, three sections of land far from her own, and Nazeer Mai began mishandling her.

Them two required in a contention, and traded brutal words too. Wassan Mai returned home a short time later yet Nazeer Mai’s outrage did not chill off.

She went to his proprietor relative Khursheed Ahmad, and told about the occurrence. Khursheed Ahmad ended up noticeably angry and went to Wassan Mai’s home with two mutts which severely chomped the elderly lady.

Wassan Mai continued shouting yet the landowner did not release her until she was injured by the puppies. Local people additionally assembled subsequent to hearing the yells of Wassan Mai, and asked Khursheed Ahmed to free the lady.

Wassan Mai was later taken to a private doctor’s facility for treatment in harmed condition.

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