Melania brushes away Trump’s endeavor to hold her hand

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JERUSALEM – US president Donald Trump and his Slovenian-conceived spouse Melania have dependably been in features for their very dark and unusual minutes shared together out in the open.

The current episode happened when the couple landed from Air Force One at Tel Aviv on Monday to start their visit to Israel.

Trump was strolling in front of Melania alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his better half Sara, when he let out his hand towards his significant other trying to hold it.

Notwithstanding; Melania who was in no mind-set to give a positive reaction, slapped her better half’s hand away and continued strolling.

A few such episodes have additionally occurred in the past raising eyebrows about the condition of their relationship.

Prior, the primary woman needed to prod the President to remind him to put his hand on his heart for the US national song of praise.

Afterward, setting his hand against a standout amongst the most holy locales in Judaism, Donald Trump turned into the main sitting US president to visit the Western Wall in the debated city of Jerusalem.

Wearing a dark skullcap, he delayed before the holiest site where Jews can ask, then put what gave off an impression of being a composed petition or note between its stones, as is custom.

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