‘I am Bolt’: Documentary shows the life of the world’s fastest man

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(Web Desk) – It is the wish of most people to exit life on a high note. To leave this world while being respected, wealthy and wise. For celebrities and sports stars this wish is even more profound – all of them want to exit their chosen career while at the height of their fame so that the world remembers them as one of the greats. But sadly, for many this wish never comes true – for a chosen few it does. Usain Bolt may just prove to be one of those chosen few.
According to a report by The Guardian, Usain Bolt, one of the fastest men ever alive is not just preparing to run for the gold in what is thought to be the last run of his career, but is also about to star in what may prove to be one of the greatest sports documentaries of all time.
Bolt says he takes every defeat or win personally. Photo courtesy: The Guardian
The documentary, I Am Bolt, is made by British filmmakers Benjamin and Gabe Turner and captures numerous moments from the professional life of one of the globe’s most famous sportsmen.
The documentary shows numerous key scenes from Bolt’s life including one of him winning an under 20’s race as a 15 year old. It also shows the athlete training, painfully lowering himself into ice baths and also engaging in less stressful pursuits such as goofing around with companions in Olympic Village bedrooms.
Usain Bolt with his coach Glen Mills. Photo courtesy: The Guardian
Other than these scenes, the documentary also displays moments where it can be seen that Bolt is as human as the next person and he deals with pressure the same as the rest of us. A key scene in the documentary is where the athlete is shown travelling all alone to the Olympic stadium with the world blocked off by earphones. He is shown to be still and collected, as though contemplating the challenges that lie ahead.
The player has remarkable showman’s instincts. Photo courtesy: The Guardian
During the documentary, Bolt’s private life is almost completely ignored with only a short chat with the athlete’s mother and father shown. Still, for any fan of Bolt, the documentary gives more than enough footage and information about the world’s fastest man.

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