Gold purchase increases 8pc, reaches Rs47bn across country

KARACHI (City News) – An increase is being witnessed in gold purchase across the country, as people have bought gold worth Rs47 billion in last three months.

According to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), an eight percent rise in obtaining gold was observed in the second quarter of the year. People bought gold jewelry worth Rs28.64 billion, and gold bricks and coins worth more than Rs18.66 billion in three months.

Gold of Rs42.82 billion was purchased in the first quarter of the year. According to World Gold Council (WGC), 10.9 tons of gold was bought from April to June. Out of this, 6.6 tons were used to make jewelry, and 4.3 tons were purchased in the form of bricks and coins. A total of 10.1 tons of gold was bought in the first quarter of the year.

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