Mystery message to Kh Saad behind Nawaz motorcade’s quick speed?

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RAWALPINDI (City News) – A security official sent with Nawaz Sharif’s motorcade, on state of obscurity, disclosed to British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that a few people approached Federal Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique and brought him with them for some time.

The occurrence happened at Kachehri Chowk.

Hardly any minutes after the fact, Rafique returned and sat with Nawaz in his impenetrable auto following which Nawaz’s motorcade touched speed of as much as 120km/hour.

“Apparently, it appears a message has been sent to Nawaz Sharif,” articulated a policeman.

Notwithstanding, state serve Tariq Fazal plainly rejected the bits of gossip when drawn closer and named Nawaz’s address in Jhelum the explanation for quick speed.

Then again, policemen sent for security purposes communicated irritation over reasoning in hazard remittance.

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