Muslim man sues Virgin Atlantic for being walked out of flight for saying 9/11

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(City News) – Mohammad Khan, from north London, was making a trip from London Heathrow to Atlanta, Georgia, when he was purportedly blamed by the Virgin Atlantic staff for expressing ‘profoundly unseemly’ remarks.

Thus he was walked out of the flight on grounds of saying 9/11, in what Khan claims was a “pure” specify. Khan is suing the aircraft for racially and religiously profiling him for being a Muslim.

As per The Independent, Khan is a Middlesex University graduate, who was venturing out to the US for a meeting for a business entry level position in Medellin, Colombia. He claimed that the Virgin Atlantic staff profiled him over a safe discussion he had with a staff part, a flight attendant and another traveler, which transformed into an enormous eruption by the team staff.

The 26-year-old said that another traveler who he had never met was griping about the long length of airplane terminal security lines as the plane navigated on the runway. He advised in a meeting to a neighborhood paper, “I absolutely guiltlessly said ‘there’s been greater security since 9/11’, at that point asked the attendant I wager your employment has changed since 9/11 , however she looked staggered.”

Khan was begun by the police after the plane was pivoted and navigated back towards the terminal.

“I was racially and religiously profiled. It was a total eruption to totally honest and innocuous remarks. I know this would not have happened on the off chance that I was a white man in his sixties who had done likewise.”

“It completely destroyed my outing and I felt embarrassed. I was made to feel like a criminal,” said Khan.

Mohammad Khan charged Virgin Atlantic for “Racially and Religious profiling” him after he “honestly” specified 9/11. Photograph: Mohammad Khan Facebook

He said he was not formally met by police, who acknowledged there had been a “misconception”.

The Virgin Atlantic would not permit him back in the flight, a year ago on January 8. He was denied a discount on his 560 British Pound ticket and he was compelled to pay additional 817 British Pounds on flights with another carrier.

Khan has so far been engaging for remuneration from the carriers and his specialists as of late presented a last case for 5,000 British Pounds alongside the lawful expenses. He said he would sue in the district court if the carrier did not take care of the demand.

A representative from the Virgin Atlantic said that Khan was escorted out and expelled from the flight after “numerous clients and team detailed hearing exceptionally unseemly remarks concerning security”.

He included: “This is not a choice we mess with and albeit such security occasions are uncommon, we have an obligation to report them to the important experts to guarantee the wellbeing and security of our air ship, clients and group.”

“Our group has been in consistent contact with Mr Khan and his legal advisors, and we have offered to discount his flights.”

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