Karachittes burned through Rs15 billion on 70th Independence Day: report

KARACHI (City News)- With lawfulness circumstance continues enhancing in Pakistan’s prudent center, Karachittes spent whooping Rs15 billion to celebrate 70th Independence Day with customary enthusiasm and get-up-and-go, detailed Roznama Dunya.

According to details procured by Dunya News’ examination cell, inhabitants of city purchased 50 million banners though Independence Day connected shopping feast proceeded for right around two weeks.

All Pakistan Traders Union Chairman Attiq Mir told journalist that the figure remained at Rs10 billion for a similar occasion in the earlier year.

“Country showed extraordinary love with nation this year though energy was at record-breaking high. Actually, night of thirteenth August was more beautiful than Chand Rat (night before Eid’s first day),” expressed Attiq.

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