Taliban ‘open letter’ to Trump urges US to leave Afghanistan

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KABUL (City News) – The Afghan Taliban in an “open letter” to United States (US) President Donald Trump, emphasizing their calls for America to leave Afghanistan following 16 years of war.

In a note in English that was sent to columnists on Tuesday by Taliban representative Zabihullah Mujahid, the guerillas said that Trump had perceived the blunders of his antecedents by looking for an audit of the US methodology for Afghanistan.

Mujahid said Trump ought not hand control of the US Afghan strategy to the military but instead, declare the withdrawal of US drives and not an expansion in troops as the Trump organization has arranged.

The note, which is 1,600 words in length, likewise says a US withdrawal would “really convey American troops from mischief’s way” and achieve “a conclusion to an acquired war.”

US Defense Secretary James Mattis in July said that the Trump organization’s new methodology for Afghanistan would have a territorial setting, including a Pakistan point.

He said that while media theories in regards to the Trump organization sending near 5,000 extra troops to Afghanistan “may end up being correct”, the new methodology “likewise includes, maybe, changing fairly what the troops on the ground are doing well at this point”.

Some US authorities have scrutinized the advantage of sending more troops to Afghanistan in light of the fact that any politically satisfactory number would not be sufficient to turn the tide, considerably less make solidness and security.

To date, more than 2,300 Americans have been executed and more than 17,000 injured since the war started in 2001.

Any expansion of a few thousand troops would leave American powers in Afghanistan well underneath their 2011 pinnacle of more than 100,000 troops.

The Afghan government was evaluated by the US military to control or impact only 59.7 for each penny of Afghanistan’s 407 regions as of Feb 20, an almost 11 rate point diminish from a similar time in 2016, as indicated by information discharged by the US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction.

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