400 Viking objects stolen in Norway historical center heist

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Norwegian police are researching the case together with their universal partners

OSLO (Web Desk) – Some 400 Viking objects were stolen from a Norwegian historical center sooner or later finished the few days of August 11-13, the exhibition hall s chief said Sunday, portraying the misfortune as “tremendous”.

“On the off chance that the stolen objects are not restored, this is by a long shot the most horrible occasion in the 200 years of Norwegian historical center history,” the chief of the University Museum of Bergen in southwestern Norway, Henrik von Achen, told AFP.

The things, a large portion of them little metal items like adornments, “don’t have money related esteem connected to them” and the estimation of the metal itself “is additionally very little,” he said.

“However the considerable and unfathomable misfortune is associated with the social history estimation of the things, which surpasses the financial esteem many circumstances over,” he included.

Hoodlums could enter the historical center on the seventh floor by means of platform on the building s veneer.

The stolen objects had been incidentally put there in front of an arranged exchange to a more secure area on August 14.

“The (security) measures were not adequate, we ought to have had extra security components set up,” he recognized.

Norwegian police are examining the case together with their universal partners.

In the interim, the exhibition hall was looking over the majority of the stolen questions and posting photographs of them via web-based networking media locales so “that the things turn out to be outstanding and henceforth more hard to offer and less demanding to spot,” von Achen said.

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