Shopping center Road transforms into combat zone as legal counselors go on frenzy in LHC

The attorneys have obstructed the Mall street for activity in dissent.

LAHORE (City News) – Lawyers on Monday made a ruckus in Lahore High Court (LHC) after a bigger seat requested capture of president Multan seat Sher Zaman Qureshi and secretary Qaisar Abbas.

The attorneys trying to enter LHC Chief Justice’s chamber poor the primary passage door for him and crushed the stroll through entryway. Notwithstanding; their offer was foiled by the policemen who constrained them out of the court premises while utilizing water guns and poisonous gas.

The attorneys likewise fiercely tormented a policeman conveyed on obligation. Afterward, they advanced towards Mall Road and obstructed the street for movement in challenge.

The primary thorughfare turned into a combat zone as the legal counselors pelted stones on the police work force. Then again, police utilized water guns and poisonous gas to dipserse the dissenters.

A bigger seat of LHC led becoming aware of the case relating to the trouble making of legal counselors with the Multan seat judges.

The bigger seat while suspending the licenses of president Multan seat Sher Zaman Qureshi and secretary Qaisar Abbas, issued non-bailable capture warrants of both the attorneys.

The seat coordinated RPO Multan to exhibit the legal counselors under the watchful eye of the court tomorrow. The judges proclaimed that the legal advisors can’t convey their obligation in any of Punjab courts.

Before the hearing, overwhelming unforeseen of police and Rangers was conveyed in the premises of LHC.

Meanhwile, comparable circumstance continues in Multan where the attorneys are organizing a dissent against the court arranges in Kachehri Chowk. In Sheikhupura, the area bar has reported a two-day blacklist of the court procedures.

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