Rangers decide to place wanted terrorists under bounties worth Rs50 mn

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KARACHI (City News)- Sindh Rangers have penned a letter to home service for reporting abundance on needed crooks and to collect their record.

According to subtle elements accessible, officers have asked for Sindh government to declare Rs10 million abundance on previous restricted Jandullah and current TTP’s psychological oppressor Mansoor Ahmad. The previously mentioned psychological militant had remained individual from Al-Qaida too while four bodies of evidence have likewise been held up against him over dread charges.

Officers have likewise asked for to put an abundance of Rs5 million for TTP’s Habibullah, Rs3 millin for TTP’s Fazal Ghani, Rs5 million for restricted Jhangvi’s boss Yousaf, Rs5 million for Jhangvi’s Deedar Hussain, Rs5 million for Jhangvi’s Mohammad Jaffar and Rs5 million again for Jhangvi’s objective executioner Samiullah.

Similarly, Rs5 million abundance has been proposed on prohibited Al-Qaida sub-landmass boss Akasha and Rs5 million on previously mentioned outfit’s fear based oppressor Mohammad Akbar who was engaged with death of maritime authorities.

Officers, in the penned letter, have additionally encouraged Sindh govt to ask police about advance in examination against previously mentioned psychological militants.

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