Taliban cautions Afghanistan will progress toward becoming “cemetery” for US

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KABUL (Web Desk) – The Taliban cautioned that Afghanistan would turn into “a memorial park” for the United States Tuesday after President Donald Trump made room for thousands more American troops to be sent to the war-torn nation.

“On the off chance that America doesn’t pull back its troops from Afghanistan, soon Afghanistan will turn into another memorial park for this superpower in the 21st century,” Zabiullah Mujahid, a representative for the Taliban in Afghanistan, said in an announcement.

He included that America should think about a leave technique “as opposed to proceeding with the war”.

“For whatever length of time that there is one US warrior in our territory, and they keep on imposing war on us, we, with a high resolve will proceed with our jihad,” Mujahid said.

Trump backtracked from his guarantee to quickly end America’s longest war in his first formal deliver to the country as president late Monday, however he didn’t offer specifics.

He said he had finished up “the outcomes of a fast exit are both unsurprising and unsatisfactory”, leaving a vacuum that fear mongers “would in a flash fill”.

While Trump declined to offer nitty gritty troop numbers, senior White House authorities said he had effectively approved his resistance secretary to send up to 3,900 more troops to Afghanistan.

Prior Mujahid had rejected the system as unclear and “just the same old thing new”.

“Until further notice I can let you know there was just the same old thing new in his discourse and it was exceptionally vague,” he told AFP.

A senior Taliban leader revealed to AFP that Trump was simply propagating the “haughty conduct” of past presidents, for example, George W. Shrubbery.

“He is simply squandering American warriors. We know how to protect our nation. It won’t transform anything.

“For eras we have battled this war, we are not terrified, we are crisp and we will proceed with this war until our final gasp,” he told AFP by phone from an undisclosed area.

He included that the announcement demonstrated the present Afghan government “is a US manikin”.

The agitators flagged their goals minutes after Trump talked by asserting the US international safe haven in Kabul had been the objective of a rocket assault late Monday.

The rocket arrived in a field in the city’s political quarter, without any losses revealed. Trump likewise thrashed US partner Pakistan for offering place of refuge to “specialists of confusion”.

A leader from the Taliban-unified Haqqani arrange disclosed to AFP that Trump “has demonstrated it’s a Crusade”.

“His announcement has demonstrated that he needs to dispense with the whole Muslim umma (group),” he said.

Preceding Trump’s declaration the Taliban had composed an open letter cautioning him not to send more troops and requiring the entire withdrawal of outside powers from Afghanistan.

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