PMLN’s big bosses approach Nawaz to leave for London

LAHORE (City News)- Asad Khan Junejo, child of previous Prime Minister Mohammad Khan Junejo, has on Thursday declared to join Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN).

He made this declaration amid meeting with removed Nawaz at his home in Jati Umra.

Junejo educated Nawaz Sharif about current political circumstance and welcomed him to visit Sindh, the fortification of Zardari-drove Pakistan Peoples Party. Nawaz guaranteed Junejo of going by Sindh and assuming a compelling part in 2018 surveys while asserting that PMLN would accomplish ‘enormous triumph’ in up and coming decisions.

Then again, senior PMLN’s initiative exhorted Nawaz to withdraw for London and to stay with Kalsoom till his treatment.

While conversing with media after consultative meeting, Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique asserted that PMLN pioneers did not express hostile to legal comments. Kh Saad said that gathering authority would keep on giving assessment under protected limits.

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