Trump’s announcement excruciating, embarrassing for all Pakistanis, Imran Khan to CNN

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ISLAMABAD (City News) – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan said that hundred and fifty thousand North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and American troops have neglected to handle the modest number of radicals, going into Afghanistan which Pakistan is being blamed for harboring.

In a meeting to Cable News Network (CNN) London-based grapple and reporter Hala Gorani, Khan said that Pakistan, a nation who worked together with USA after 9/11 in war on fear, wound up in losing about more than 70,000 individuals and over a hundred billion dollars to the economy.

“Subsequent to giving so much gives up and hearing that Pakistan has done nothing to stop fear mongering is agonizing and mortifying for every one of the Pakistanis.

He said the tribal territories, abutting Afghanistan, are facilitating a huge number of inside dislodged people (IDPs).

Reacting to an inquiry with respect to Former US Ambassador to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad who said underlying foundations of fear mongers are in Quetta, Khan said that if Khalilzad knows the dens of psychological oppressors then why he didn’t advise this to Pakistani government.

He asked is it conceivable that there were hundred and fifty thousand NATO, and American troops in Afghanistan and they couldn’t handle modest number of activists.

US can’t censure Pakistan for Afghanistan misfortunes, he proceeded.

PTI boss said Pakistan has been greatest blow-back in this Afghan experience, including all the political gatherings in Pakistan met up and actualized National Action Plan (NAP) which is to incapacitate the fear based oppressors.

In a message to Donald Trump, he said US approach with respect to Afghanistan is tumble and prompted him to transform it by drawing in the neighbors (China, Russia and Iran). He repeated US ought to likewise leave Afghanistan in light of the fact that as long as they are in the nation they will keep on creating issues.

Mastermind an exchange with Taliban, he requested.

Noting the an inquiry identified with his desire as Prime Minister of Pakistan, Khan said that he had a sportsman preparing because of which he is constantly hopeful.

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