104-year-old lady touches base in Jeddah to perform Hajj

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(Web Desk) – A 104-year-old Indonesian lady will perform Hajj this year. Ibu Mariah Marghani Muhammad, who is one of the most established individuals will’s identity performing Haj this year, touched base in Saudi Arabia preceding the journey.

As indicated by Khaleej Times, Ibu Mariah before leaving to Saudi Arabia said that she is excited to be en route to the Holy City of Makkah to perform Haj.

“Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah), I am going to Makkah, Alhamdulillah I am going to Hajj,” Ibu Mariah was cited as saying in a public statement not long after her flight arrived at King Abdulaziz International Airport in the port city of Jeddah.

The lady was wearing the journey Islamic dress, a white make a beeline for toe dress, said that she has just performed Umrah Pilgrimage when she was 90 years of age.

The most established explorer this year will join around 221,000 others from Indonesia who will perform Hajj.

Saudi experts have expressed that more than 1.5 million pioneers have landed in Saudi Arabia. A sum of two million Muslims will perform Haj this year, which will begin from August 30 to September 4.

Indonesian Consulate authorities expressed that the most seasoned pioneer Ibu Mariah is healthy and will have the capacity to play out her Hajj ceremonies.

A representative for the Center for International Communication, stated: “Saudi Arabia warmly invites Ibu Mariah. The Hajj is the profound feature in the life of each Muslim. At 104 years old, it is exceptional for Ibu Mariah to be here. We wish her well.”

Travelers from 80 nations are relied upon to perform Hajj this year.

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