Imran Khan takes punch at PPP initiative, withdraws interest for early surveys

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Sehwan Sharif (City News)- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chief Imran Khan took a poke at Sindh government on banishing him from entering Lal Qalandar’s place of worship.

He was conversing with media in Sehwan Sharif.

“I have never seen such occurrence in Pakistan’s written history where govt banned anybody from entering place of worship. Weak reasons of furnished watchmen were utilized yet video chronicles are accessible which expel their (Sindh govt) claims,” Khan told media staff.

“They (PPP) have changed Sindh in a police state while locals have been oppressed,” Khan expressed while including, “Vengeance activities, tormenting individuals through police and to spread fear is what is normal here”.

Khan said that PPP can’t win a seat in Sindh if police are changed while guaging while PPP would lose 2018 surveys in Sindh out of the blue. Khan withdrew request of early decisions and named Zardari’s call of Nawaz’s capture as image of doomsday.

Keeping verbal assault up, Khan cautioned political adversaries that country wouldn’t acknowledge any new NRO.

While reacting to address, Khan expelled part of foundation behind request of early decisions. He said that eventual fate of MQM lies in separation from Altaf Hussain.

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