Khan’s speech nudges US-based Pakistani doctor to relocate in Naya Pakis

The speech was equally lauded by the Khan’s aides as well as stern critics. Netizens termed speech incredible and vowed to be part of Khan’s dynamic team to transform Pakistan into one of the greatest nation in the world.

Apart from youth, Pakistanis diaspora has always supported Imran Khan and his vision. And after Khan’s inaugural speech, a US-based Pakistani doctor has decided to return to Pakistan along with his whole family to serve the nation.

Dr. Imran—who has been residing in US for ten years—has also decided to sell his property.

“Assalam-o-alaikum Pakistanio, my name is Dr. Imran. I’m a physician in America and I’ve been here for ten years. Few moments earlier, I heard speech of my prime minister. PM has urged overseas Pakistanis to play active role in uplift of the country. I have decided to return to Pakistan to serve the nation. I will sell my assets and bring all dollars to Pakistan. Together combine, we will bring our country out of every problem”, vowed Imran in his social media message.

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