Ali Zafar’s advice for fans taking exams

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(Web Desk) – The heartthrob of millions, Ali Zafar has some sound advice for the fans being evaluated for their grades this summer.

Examination is one of the fundamental tasks that some students are unable to cope with, we often get news of students committing suicide, notwithstanding the pressure of the scrutiny and evaluation.

In a social media interaction the singer was asked by a fan for advice on how deal with the pressure of exams. Ali Zafar gave quite a witty remark to the fan for dealing with the anxiety and pre exam jitters.

A fan raised the question of how to deal with the practical assessment ordeal, to which Ali replied

‘Pressure sirf cooker ko lena chaheye.Aap exam deign’

Ali Zafar has been quite interactive with fans. One fan from India payed tribute to Zafar, who according to him is his inspiration and motivation, singing his song ‘Jab se dekha Tujhko’

‘One of the most underrated love songs ‘Jab se dekha tujhko’ by @AliZafarsays from JHOOM. Such heartfelt melody and words.Sing this for the one you love unconditionally. Someone who means the world to you. Love from India, #AliZafar. You are my everyday motivation. Your fan, he added.

Ali Zafar acknowledging his effort, tweeted

‘You sang it better than me. Lots of love,’ he added.

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