Blind Saudi woman fulfills her dream of climbing mountains

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(Web Desk) – A brave Saudi woman Sawsun Abdullah is fulfilling her ambitious wish of climbing mountains despite being blind and handicapped by tumor.

According to Al, 30 years old Sawsun, narrated her inspiring and motivational tale of fighting all odds and triumphing in the end, despite the challenges that life threw at her.
She described her life till 2011 pretty normal, when she was serving as a lab specialist in the emergency of the University Hospital. The tumor changed Sawsun’s life completely.

‘One day during duty hours I felt dizzy and the lab specimens in my hand fell on the ground. After seeing a doctor it was discovered that I had a rare tumor affecting the right side of my brain, which within a couple of days grew in size,’
‘By the time I decided to undergo an operation for the removal of the tumor it had damaged my memory, speech, comprehension, sight and ability to walk. My right hand was paralyzed and my ability to smile was also affected,’ she added.
But with determination and hope; she took up the challenge of getting rid of the tumor through an operational procedure, she stopped using the wheel chair and started to stand up and walk on her feet using a cane. Sawsun’s motivation were her parents, who were also facing severe health issues.

‘Allah almighty has given man an extraordinary gift of will power which enables him/her to overcome all obstacles. My parents were the prime motivation behind my miraculous recovery. My father was unable to walk because of paralysis and my mother was suffering from breast cancer and Alzheimer’s, both tried to walk nevertheless,’ she added.

Sawsun Abdullah said that she tried to get back her physical balance through an intense exercise and cycling routine.

‘I started my walking routine with my other blind friends, worked on my comprehension and incorporated speech therapy and today I’m able to walk for 30 kilometers.’

Till this day Sawsun has completed the challenging tasks of climbing a hill in Abha and nearby areas, now determined to climb the Mount Everest.

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