I am known as a six machine: Chris Gayle

JAMAICA – West Indian master blaster talked about his six-hitting ability in an interview with former cricketer Ian Bishop and said he is known as a six machine.

The 39-year-old left-handed batsman said it is natural for him to try to hit sixes. Seeing the ball flying over the boundary gives me joy, he said.

“Someone in the north team asked me how many sixes I hit and I was able to tell him that. And then he asked me about the fours and I replied I don’t check fours, I don’t know how many I hit,” he recalled laughing.

It is worth mentioning here that Chris Gayle has struck 517 sixes in international cricket across all three formats.

The Jamaican star wants to make his last World Cup a memorable one in England and hopes that his team will do well in future as well with the talented youngsters

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