PM Modi-led govt looted people during demonetisation, laundered money: Congress leader

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NEW DELHI : Indian National Congress (INC) leader Kapil Sibal has made startling revelations against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government by alleging that it was involved in a money laundering scam during the 2016 demonetisation drive.

Sibal, speaking during a press conference that was blanked out by Indian media channels, said there was a “sting operation” during which old currency notes were exchanged post-demonetisation for a commission of up to 40 per cent. He added that the currency notes worth thousands of crores were printed abroad and transported into India using a special aircraft.

He alleged that BJP President Amit Shah, his son Jay Shah and Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel were among those involved in the scam. The Congress leader also claimed that an official of India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) was also involved.

During the presser, two video clips were also played as evidence against the BJP and its associates involved in the matter.

The Congress leader also showed a video during the press conference which showed demonetised currency notes being exchanged for a 15 to 40 per cent commission. Sibal said: “It is another proof of how the Prime Minister Modi-led government looted the people by banning the notes of INR500 and INR1,000 denominations during demonetisation in 2016”.

Another video showed a private bank official exchanging old currency notes with new ones. “The video shows the exchange of demonetised notes with the new ones in a government godown in Maharashtra,” Sibal said, saying the video was shot by an undercover journalist.

“Will this government arrest these people, will the ED [Enforcement Directorate] arrest these people? Will the CBI arrest all the people who are involved? They will not, because ED protects those who loot the country,” Sibal asked.

“Modi started his tenure by fooling us and he is ending his five-year tenure by traumatising us. He traumatised the people of this country, he has traumatised the poor of this country, he has traumatised journalists and his political opponents. He has used the agencies to target people who are opposed to him,” Sibal said.

However, the BJP has refuted the allegations, saying it will take legal action. “Kapil Sibal has made false allegations on our [party] president [Amit Shah] and we will take legal action,” said Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.

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