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Entertainment - July 31, 2019

Firdous-Mahira fiasco blown out of proportion: Shaan

(Web Desk) – Shaan Shahid was saddened by the whole Firdous-Mahra fiasco as both artists are our pride and have their respective standings in the industry, one as a star and the other as a legend.

The uncalled for controversial ageist and sexist remarks by Firdous Jamal about leading lady Mahira Khan, during his interview on a local media TV show were frowned upon by netizens and other celebs alike
Shaan on the subject was saddened by the whole episode which clearly could’ve been avoided. He stated on Twitter.

‘Sad to hear what firdous sb said abt MK. And sad to see what People on Twitter are saying to firdous sb .he has given more to this industry than just his last interview .Mahira is a ,and no opinion can take this status from her. And Firdous sb is a legend # ubothourpride,’ he added.

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