Beauty of Izmis Lake attracts tourists from across country

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SWAT (Web Desk) – Beautiful Izmis Lake is located to the south-west of Utror valley in Swat district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at an altitude of 11,550 feet above sea level.
The name Izmis means caves in Kohistani and as the lake is surrounded by several natural caves, the people have named the lake after these caves. A small jeep-able link road from Utror leads towards the location of the lake which ends in a valley called Loypanrghalay.

The lake can be accessed from here after trekking for almost two hours. The track meanders between sprawling and lush green carpets of grass covered with flowers of different colours and hues.
The grazing cows, lambs and goats make the panoramas more exciting and beautiful. A small hamlet called Kalam Banda is located on these eye-soothing highlands where the grazers welcome everyone in their own special rustic style.
The grazers who go to the pastures mostly belong to Utror valley. The signs of technological advancement can be observed here as the grazers have built a Hydro Power Plant to avail the water and electricity in these awesome heights.

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