Ramiz asks people not to lower guard against coronavirus

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ISLAMABAD (APP):Observing that coronavirus [COVID-19] has brought everything to a halt former captain Ramiz Raja believes that the best way to beat the pandemic is social distancing and getting engaged in some sort of hobby.

“We are in the habit of relaxing very quickly and lowering our guard. The approach [by some people] that nothing will happen as we’ve controlled everything is a very wrong impression and thinking,” he said in his message to the public on his YouTube channel ‘RamizSpeaks’.

“I think you’ll have to take it very seriously as you are just a step away to lose the battle of life.

“In cricketing terms it [the situation] is like when you are facing a new ball. Even the bowler does not know how much this new ball will swing. Same is the case with corona as when you [like a batsman] become complacent that you have spent the tough time and now it is easier, you [may] lose your wicket.”

Ramiz also asked the grocers not to think of profiteering during these trying times. “Such tragedies and tests unite a nation and for that everyone has to contribute. My contribution is that I stay at home and don’t go outside as this is what doctors and the government expect from me. Your [grocers] duty is that not to overcharge. You will get several chances to earn profit [but this is not the proper time],” he said.

The erstwhile skipper, who in the video could be seen painting an old wooden-box at his home said that during the lockdown period he had engaged himself in household chores. “Please to try to find out some hobby to engage yourselves at home. “Please also take care of social distancing.

“When you go out to purchase some grocery and note that the shopkeeper has not put a six feet marker at his shop [to keep people at a safe distance], then please talk to him for that.

“Our space is being squeezed due to the faults of others. The number of coronavirus patients is rising. Please don’t be hesitant to ask others use masks, gloves and keep distancing because these three measures are necessary for safety of all.”

Ramiz warned that if precautionary measures would not be adopted then everyone would suffer.

“This disease does not see to whom it is biting – whether someone is rich or poor and what status he or she has in the society.

If someone is not toeing the line please tell them. Please act responsibly to save the lives,” he added.

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