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Coronavirus to change face of cricket: Azhar Ali

LAHORE (City News) – National Test team captain Azhar Ali has said that effects of coronavirus pandemic on global lifestyle and ways are also bound to bring about certain changes in sports sphere including international cricket.

Talking at length about future cricket, the skipper said that cricket needs to be restored at the earliest irrespective of the probable alteration in cricketing patterns and values.

Himself a stauch believer in norms & values of the sport, Azhar Ali maintained that all those concerned have to adjust to the prospective changes in cricket in a number of respects to keep going though the same may spoil the beauty of otherwise thrilling sport a little bit.

It merits mentioning here that revised ICC rules, among other several restrictions, prohibit the bowler to rub the ball over their pants for smoothing it, and players from high-five celebration on fall of wickets.

The change in rules come as precautionary measures against Coronavirus contagion, under medical expert advice

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