Coronavirus: India’s health care system buckles under pressure

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MUMBAI (Web Desk) – India’s health care system has buckled during the coronavirus crisis, creating troubles for patients including pregnant women, New York Times reported.

India is now facing more infections a day than any other nation except the United States or Brazil. Patients are being denied critical care, and many health care workers are afraid of treating new patients.

Indian pregnant woman Neelam Kumari Gautam woke up with shooting labor pains. Her husband put her gently in the back of a rickshaw and visited different hospitals for treatment.

Some turned her away because of fears of the virus, others because of what they saw as a hopeless recovery, or because of a lack of beds.

Her pain was so intense she could barely breathe, but none would take her.

After eight different hospitals and 15 hours, she was pronounced dead. The baby also died.

The number of coronavirus cases in India has surged to 440,685 with 14,015 deaths.

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