Banning YouTube not a solution: Tania Aidrus

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ISLAMABAD (City News) – Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Digital Pakistan, Tania Aidrus, on Thursday has said that banning video streaming website YouTube was “not a solution”.

In a post on social-networking website Twitter, the special assistant said that the platform has created thousands of jobs for Pakistanis over the years.

“Banning a platform like YouTube is not a solution. The 3 years when YouTube was banned in Pakistan it held back our content creator ecosystem which has just started to flourish now, creating employment opportunities for thousands,” she tweeted.

Aidrus further wrote that “brute force measures” like banning YouTube will not serve any purpose.

“Our focus should be on ensuring better duration of content through policy and dialogue. Brute force measures like banning will not serve any purpose and will hold us back from achieving the vision of Digital Pakistan,” she added.

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