I will remain Muslim even without headscarf: American singer Jennifer Grout

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(City News) – American Singer Jennifer Grout, who has embraced Islam seven years ago, has said that she will remain a Muslim even without wearing headscarf.

The singer took to her social-networking account and posted a picture without hijab, saying, “I know I’m probably going to get a lot of unfollows, bad comments, and hate messages for this post. But I have made peace with that, Alhamdoulillah.”

As I mentioned in my last one, I had to take a break from social media for the sake of my own sanity. One of the reasons social media weighs down on me so hard is because I feel that I am constantly trying to live up to the unrealistic expectations of the community, and this has, on more than one occasion, led to me losing myself entirely, she added.

Jennifer further said, “I have been Muslim now for over 7 years, Alhamdoulillah. And yes, even though I am sharing a picture of myself without my headscarf, I am still Muslim. I do believe that covering is “fard,” an obligation, so I am certainly not trying to discourage any woman from wearing it. But at the same time, it crushes my being every day to try to present myself as something I’m not, just because people are expecting me to be a role model.”
I understand that my platform is a both a blessing and a responsibility. I understand that Allah has blessed me with so much, including the ability to recite, and this is an honor that shouldn’t be taken lightly. But I also feel the need to let my audience know and understand that the ability to recite does not define me. I have many other interests, for example I love to sing and write poetry, I love language, sports and dancing, she went on to say.

The singer stated, “I am also an artist, a whole multi-faceted person, and this is the medium through which I am able to express myself and communicate, always with a purpose.”

I remain Muslim to my core. You may see me some days as you would like to see me. Other days you may see me as something you did not expect. I am very much imperfect, may Allah forgive us all, she continued.

“I’ll end with two things: 1. Please don’t define people by how they appear, whether good or bad; you do not really know them. 2. Remember that the words of the Quran transcend whoever is reciting it. I am merely a vessel, nothing more,” Jennifer concluded.

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